Hot, muscular and with dark looks, Guy Rowling, is London Lions Football striker on a mission to find a wedding cake and to find it fast. His best friend and groom’s mistake has forced him as the best man to source it locally, landing him on the doorstep of The Savoury Plum and in the unexpected presence of a beauty of Grace Knowles.

Grace is a young, uninhibited pastry chef, who at first refuses to help Guy, but when he entices her with the promise of making a name for herself, she agrees. Once they are back at Worthington Hall, Guy wants to get to know her beyond a business transaction. Much to the chagrin of others, things are heating up in and out of the sheets and Guy is left to prove to Grace that she’s more than just a weekend fling.

Beautiful Grace knows that handsome Guy is a celebrity and that their illicit weekend might not last any further that what it already has gone. She’s well aware that his status brings notoriety, women and most of all Rumour Mill paparazzi hounding her at every turn. Her family doesn’t make it any easier and her friendship with celebrity chef, Trevor Hare, is taking a treacherous turn. She never expected what had started out as something simple like baking a wedding cake would turn to love, heartache, scandal, jealousy, greed and fatal actions.

But can Guy and Grace move beyond it all and will their love survive these dangerous times or will it be too late?

Sometimes love and scandal are too delicious to ignore....


What a read!

This book captured me right away, I couldn't put it down. It was full of excitement and adventure, Erica Hutchings, describes everything in so much detail, it makes you feel as though you are right there in the action with her exquisite wording. I can't wait for the second book, to find out what happens. Great book, I would highly recommend this to my friends and family."

— B.A.


Sports and dessert, Yummy!

It's hard to find a book that combines my favorite things in life sports and sugary sweets. I was so excited when I found Erica Hutchings' Delicious. I really liked Grace. She was a very likeable heroine. She was sweet and innocent but had a little sass to her. Our hero Guy is a super sexy soccer stud (try saying that 5 times). He is not caught up in his fame and is always there for his family and friends sometime to a fault. There are many supporting characters and different story lines which I must say I am not used to but Erica manages to bring everything together so masterfully. It was a good read and I can't wait to see what happens in her next book.


Great Book!

Finally a book that is worth buying. I can't wait for Volume II. She is an excellent writer and makes you want to read more!!! Love it!!!

— Y.R.