Dear Friends,

Please accept my apology that I relaunched my website and started on my new YouTube venture expecting to keep everyone up to date, but thereafter became extremely ill. 

Down the Rabbit Hole

Today is my 39th birthday and if I think back of the last five years, I felt a lot like Alice from Alice in Wonderland. I chased the white rabbit down a terrifying rabbit hole. As I fell, I lost my health, faith, friends, and even myself along the way. And it's not just the last five years of my life, it is all of my life that has been one great big fall down a rabbit hole. Now I am ready to share my story with you.

Delicious: Anniversary Edition

Wow! I can't believe it has been four years since I released Delicious. I know that I have been a bad author in not releasing the rest of my novels, but most of it was due in part to my health. Yet like a phoenix rising from the ashes I am proud to present my anniversary edition of Delicious: A Rumour Mill Novel which will go on sale June 1st in both e-book and paperback. For more information on Delicious, please click on the link here.