Do you want to be featured on Erica Hutchings? I write a lifestyle and writing blog which means I cover all subjects from books, craft, entertainment, design, food, fashion, through to marriage advice, parenting, travel and more. I am always looking for trendy, inspiring, and upcoming things to write about whether it is in my local area of San Antonio, Texas or throughout the United States and abroad. 

As an author I take pleasure in the fact that I can write a strong feature filled with amusing, authentic, homily that will keep the reader of my blog attentive and you, the company, satisfied. I want to ensure that you, as the client receive the best exposure for your business and increase revenue, traffic and profit to your site. 

Although I am a provocative fiction author and will touch on the topic of sex, I will consider certain sexual businesses unless it is deemed pornography which I do not promote on my website.

As a feature sponsorship, please be advised that I must make my readers aware of any payment, free samples, or such that is received on behalf of the company. This is also to ensure trust between my readers, myself and you, the company.

Thank you again for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

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